Tube Rentals - Lake Charlevoix
Tube Rentals - Lake CharlevoixT
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Tube Rentals - Lake Charlevoix
Wakeboard Rentals - Lake Charlevoix

We carry a large selection of tubes, water skis, wakeboards, and kneeboards to fit all sizes. Have more fun on the lake by renting one or more of these towables! Want to rent a tube or try out a new wakeboard?...Rental rates are $25-$55 for the day. Up to 2 towables (wakeboards excluded) are included on multi-day jet ski and tritoon rentals and one tube is included on multi-day pontoon rentals.   


Want to purchase your own new towable but not sure if you'll like it?...Ask about our try before you buy program!



This is a floating volleyball court system with adjustable net and buoys marking the perimeter. This is a great addition to a family reunion or for those who want to add some competitiveness to the waterfront. Best suited for sandy waterfronts with gradual slope. We deliver and set it up! Rental rates are out-the-door (no tax).


Rental Rates

$215 / day (multi-day: +$25 / day

$250 / 6 day