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water trampolines, bouncers, floating water parks, stand up paddle boards, and more


tubes, waterskis, wakeboards, kneeboards, life vests, air pumps/blowers


tow ropes, ski gloves


Coca-Cola products, water

We carry tubes, water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, tow ropes, ski gloves, life vests, air pumps and blowers, sunglasses, sunscreen, water trampolines, water bouncers, jungle jims, paddle boards, Coke products, and more! We are the water trampoline specialists and can help you with your water trampoline and aquapark needs! 


Great prices on all in-stock store items including Connelly & Aquaglide tubes, skis, wake boards, life jackets and more!

We offer a nice selection of Aquaglide & Connelly products as well as nice inexpensive sunglasses to make your time out on the water more enjoyable.  We have great prices too!

Looking for a new tube, pair of skis, or wakeboard? Try before you buy!!

$25-55 to rent for the day

Here is how it works:  Rent one of our towables (tube, waterskis, wakeboard, kneeboard) for the day and we will apply the rental toward the purchase of an in stock similar towable.  Rent a wakeboard for the day and apply it towards a new get the picture!  We rent what we sell and have great prices too!

Aquaglide Supertramp 14, 17, or 23

From $1919.95

We typically have the Supertramp 14 and Supertramp 17 in stock for local pickup or delivery but can ship them direct to you anywhere in the continental U.S.. We are Northern Michigan's dealer for Aquaglide inflatables and are the Water Trampoline Specialist.

Supertramp 14 w/swimstep: $1,919.95 Promo Price - 1 in stock!  Available today!

Supertramp 17 w/swimstep: $2,399.95 Promo Price- 2 in stock!  Available today!

Supertramp 23 w/swimstep: $4499.95

Plunge Slide, Blast Bag, I-Log, and other accessories available.  Give us a call!

New Aquaglide Jungle Jim


Promo priced to $1,999.95 from $2,199.95!  Climb, slide, jump, and splash...this thing is a blast and is one of our favorite Aquaglide inflatables.  1 in stock! - Available today!

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