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One-Hour Rentals:  Available only on jet-skis.  These are first come first serve (no reservations) but we recommend calling right before you stop in.  One-hour jet-ski rentals are likely not available during peak season where we suggest a two-hour rental reservation.
Two-Hour Rentals:  Can be reserved online and are available on jet-skis.  Two hour kayak and paddle board rentals are common from our location and usually readily available but we highly suggest calling first.  

Three-Hour Morning Only Rentals:  Can be reserved online and are available for pontoons and tritoons.  The morning 3 hour only rentals are our least expensive option to rent a boat.  Three hour rentals must end by 1pm and offered in blocks of 9am-12pm, 9:30am-12:30pm, or 10am-1pm.
Three-Hour Short Half-Day Rentals: Can be reserved online and are available on jet-skis.  Our short half-day rentals are scheduled in blocks of 3 hours from 9am-12pm, 9:30am-12:30pm, 10am-1pm, 10:30am-1:30pm,  2:30-5:30pm, or 3-6pm.  If you prefer greater flexibility in times we suggest the Flex 6 or the Full Day rental.  Kayaks and paddleboards are not scheduled on time slots. 

Four-Hour Half-Day Rentals: Can be reserved online.  Our half-day rentals are scheduled in blocks of 4 hours from 9am-1pm, 9:30am-1:30pm or 2:30-6:30pm.  If you prefer greater flexibility in times we suggest the Flex 6 or the Full Day rental.  Kayaks and paddleboards are not scheduled on time slots. 

Six-Hour Rentals (Flex 6): Can be reserved online. Our six-hour rentals are available on pontoons, tritoons, and jet-skis and offer flexible times up to 6 hours of use.  Rentals can start as early as 9:00am and end as late as 6:00pm.  
8-Hour/Full Day Rentals:  Can be reserved online.  Our full day rentals are up to 8 hours between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm (9am-5pm, 9:30am-5:30pm, or 10am-6pm) and are available on all our rentals with the exception of water trampolines.
Multi-Day Rentals: These apply to consecutive day rentals. Multi-day rentals start the morning of the first day and are due back to our location by 6:00pm on the evening of the last day.  Most customers that are renting a vacation home for a week; such as Saturday to Saturday, prefer a 6 day boat rental beginning Sunday morning and ending Friday evening.  Most vacation rental homes are available from Saturday afternoon until the following Saturday morning.  We advise not to rent on the days you are coming and going…plus it saves you money!  We do have customers that rent for multiple weeks and even a few month-long renters.  We try to accommodate all types of renters.  Most multi-day boat and jet-ski rentals are available for online reservation (see “Keeping a Boat or Jet-ski Overnight” below), however, the reservation will remain pending and will not be confirmed or approved until we discuss via phone about the overnight location and safe keeping. 

Our staff works hard to make it a fun and painless rental process, we promise!
Who Must Be Present:  Upon arrival we REQUIRE RENTER AND ALL OPERATORS regardless of age and or past experience TO BE PRESENT UPON INITIAL INSTRUCTION.  We need to guarantee everyone involved is of the same understanding, has filled out our rental forms, and has been through our instruction.  No Exceptions. We want your rental experience to be problem free.  We find problems are most common when someone used the equipment who did not go through our instruction or was not authorized.  We have an excellent system to virtually eliminate problems.  Please NOTE: If some of the people in your group arrives after the point of initial instruction, you must notify us well in advance for there to be any additional instruction offered (Please call for more information).
When To Arrive:  Arrive prepared at least 30 minutes prior to your rental start time.   Most groups take 30 minutes from arrival to the time they are on the water.  Our staff is very efficient and thorough, but if your group is large, unorganized, or inexperienced and may need extra instruction, please be sure to arrive sooner; otherwise your rental time may be cut short.  We occasionally have some groups that can take 45min to an hour.   Please plan accordingly
What To Bring:  Renter taking responsibility must bring driver license and Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card (NOT A DEBIT CARD) for damages.  We do not accept a debit card for card on file for damages.  All operators of our equipment must bring a driver license or form of identification.  All safety gear, life vests, etc. is included in our rentals.  We have life vest sizes from infant up to 4XL.  We offer a large assortment of tubes, water-skis, wakeboards, and kneeboards for rental.  All you need to bring is food, beverages, towels, clothes sufficient for the weather (it can be cooler on the water), sunscreen, and for the fisherman: bait, tackle, fishing license, etc.  We highly recommend coming prepared and ready.  We sell only individual bottles of water and non-alcoholic drinks.  The nearest store is 8 minutes or 4.6 miles away.   We have large carts and our staff is happy to transport your belongings to the boat!

Keeping a Boat or Jet-Ski Overnight on Lake Charlevoix:  We do not allow customers to tie a boat to a dock.  There are exceptions depending on location but this is the general rule. Lake Charlevoix is a very big lake (3rd largest inland lake in Michigan) with very large boats/yachts that create big waves plus the lake can become rough during inclement weather.  Most of our boats and jet-skis are kept on permanent mooring buoys overnight at the customer’s waterfront property.  Many rental homes have these available for customers.  Some areas of the lake are much more inclined to be rough and we may not allow for overnight keeping.  Protected marinas, inlets, the Ironton Narrows as well as much of the south arm of Lake Charlevoix are typically calm areas that may have appropriate docking situations.  We rent to many rental homes on the lake and we will consider each rental based on the location you are staying at.  In fact, many of our returning customers call us for suggestions before booking a vacation home rental.  Give us a call!  We are here to help and happy to discuss overnight safekeeping options!
Water Trampoline Rentals:  We deliver, setup, and install water trampoline rentals at your waterfront.  Rental forms must be obtained before use and we will need credit card and driver license information.  Setup and installation will occur by mid morning of the rental start date and removal will occur after 6pm on the rental end date.  Due to our busy schedule and changes due to weather, delivery and removal times must be flexible.  We will call prior to your rental to schedule setup and delivery time.  We do not offer setup at parks and most condominium, shared association properties, or Round Lake in Charlevoix. 
Delivery of Kayaks and Paddleboards:  We deliver directly to your waterfront.  We will provide paddles and appropriate life vests.  Rental forms are required at time of delivery.  If needed, we can offer instruction on using the paddling equipment.
Delivery to Other Lakes such as Walloon Lake:  We will schedule times to meet at the nearest suitable boat launch for boats and jet-skis.  Delivery times will typically be early in the morning and picked up sometime after 6:00pm on the evening of the last day.  “Who Must Be Present” and “What to Bring” as stated above applies to deliveries.  All operators, including person(s) responsible, must be present.  Keeping a boat overnight on Walloon will be prearranged.  Most Walloon Lake boat rentals can be kept overnight at the dock.  We provide large bumpers and other items to secure the boat.  Equipment will be refueled at a suitable gas station and charged to customer at pump rate. 

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